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Spider-Man 2017 Plot Speculation[Update 6/23/16]

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I saw an idea a while up that'd be good. If Vulture's the main villain, it'd be cool if the Big Wheel was an opening villain.


-Film Opening-

So basically, Peter is walking home from school and the big wheels going around crushing things and then it comes up from behind him while he's walking with a friend, he sense it and pushes his friend out of the way. He's standing there worried to web swing out of the way or something because of his powers and everyone's watching, but not wanting to die. Then Iron Man flies in and stops it from crushing Peter like

"Go get the police." but obviously meaning go change.

 Peter changes to Spidey and him and IM take down the big wheel in a spectacular opening sequence that immediately captivates the audience. Peter and Tony go to the Stark Tower afterwards to hang, where Tony shows Peter the Iron Spider. Peter politely declines with a "maybe next time" (as a nod to War Machines same line in IM1 and teasing future use, likely in Infinity Wars). When asked why Peter tells Stark he is thankful for all that he has done, but he wants to be his own independent hero. Make his own mistakes and learn from them sometimes. Stark respects this but things get serious. He brings up the Accords.

"Peter, you can't be an independent hero in todays world. The Accords are still active, people feel safer around those that have signed. You're simply a kid but, signing would make me feel much more comfortable even so. Vigilante work isn't appreciated these days as cruel as it may sound" 

Peter declines, saying he doesn't do it to be appreciated, he does it because it's his responsibility. Stark replies that no one else knows that, but Peter is tired of hearing him talking and puts on his mask swinging out Stark's window. 

-Act 1-

Peter wakes up the next day late for school due to staying out with Tony. But he remembers, he has an express way of travel. He walks downstairs kissing Aunt May bye and telling her he's late and taking while May isn't looking he webs a pancake of a stack she made for him. When he walks outside he runs to the side of the building in an alley and changes. He webs to school in a spectacular webs sequence, and lands on the side of a bus waving "hi" to th people inside. Then jumps off and webs ontop of a building near the school. Peter climbs down and runs inside the school, but as expected he is too late and class is over. Peter is held in detention where he hears about Homecoming from Flash also in detention for obvious reasons and is now worried about finding a date.

Meanwhile an Oscorp advertisement is playing on the Jumbotron in Times Square. Business is booming and they may soon rival Stark Industries. They have already taken a smaller company called Toomes Electronics. Ran by a rather old busiess man by the name of Adrian Toomes. Adrian now hates Osborn for basically taking over his company, but is unable to do anything. 

On the otherside of town, Peter who was bullied by Flash is handling a small heist to vent. There are two regular criminals named Herman and Flint and very large man by the name of Tombstone who beats Peter down and the group escapes. Much to Peter's dissapointment. However while he's chasing the criminals truck Iron Man stops it. The criminals try to run, but Tombstone stays to fight; confident after beating up Spidey. Which Spidey hilariously denies saying he was caught off guard. Iron Man simply blasts him easily knocking out Tombstone. Leading to an argument with Peter on letting him be his own hero. Spidey and Iron Man arguing draws a crowd.

The police arrive and so do reporters. They all point guns at Spider-Man and Stark steps infront of him asking why their doing this. However he quickly realizes it's because of The Accords. Jameson and the Bugle are their reporting the occurence and Jameson calls Spider-Man a menace who needs to either comply with the Accords or pay the price of vigilantism. Stark tries to speak up for Peter but the public won't let him speak. Spidey steps forward claiming he's already paid the price. Because people like Jameson and Stark can't see just because you've signed the Accords doesn't make you any worse or better of a hero. Then he webs off, the police don't shoot. Much to Jamesons anger, the chief Captain Stacey. Thinking Spider-Man is right about what he said. 

Eventually Adrian is fired being called "an old out of date relic, a Vulture, that lives off scraps left by the big game.". With no job, he has nothing to loose. Adrian is infuritiated and  he activates his project he's been working on for decades. The Vulture suit, however the power source only lasts 4-5 hours before needing a recharge. Peter goes home seeing Aunt May talking on the phone about struggling to pay rent and then walks into the kitchen to talk to her afterwards acting like he heard nothing. He see's the newpaper is now paying for details and pictures of Spider-Man, likely to help slander his image further. He realizes he, as Spider-Man, he can profit off taking pictures of himself to help his aunt.

-Act 2-

They next day, Adrian attacks Norman at a public exposition he's doing for a new project from one of his workers, Otto Octavius. Four robotic prehensile artifically inteeligent and super strong arms capable of handling task ordinary humans can't handle. However during the exposition Vulture attacks. Peter is on his phone and gets an update, his new webshooters come with several features, including bluetooth that notifies him about crime through his phone. 

He asks to go to the bathroom and skips out the bathroom window to go be a hero again. Meanwhile Adrian Toomes introduces himself in the Vulutre suit capable of flight, enhancing his strength and durability as well as razor sharp wing, talons and claws. He grabs walks up to Osborn, who is not at all impressed. And asks him if he want's to surrender the company or die. 

Friday alerts Stark of the situation and Stark smiles. 

"This is in Queens right?" Stark asks. Friday replies "yes". 

"Kid wants to be his own hero, keep tabs on th situation, let me know if it gets out of hand." Stark says

Norman refuses calling Vulture insane, but is moreso dissappointed he didn't introducew the tech to Norman. He might have been able to keep his job. Vulture slaps Norman aside, stating he probably would've taken credit and fired him anyway. Before Vulture can slash Normans throat with his wing, the cops attack. Vulture flies into the air and uses his wings to block the bullets. He slashes the police men taking them down with ease, flipping a car onto one of them but Spidey webs the cop out of the way. Spidey quips about Vulture and a fight sequence takes place, however eventually, Vulture's power is about to run out and he leaves before he can finish off Spidey. 

Vulture flies off and Norman thanks Spider-Man for coming to their aid. Spidey says it was no problem and webs away hurt, but glad he stopped Vulture or at least drove him off. Vulture comes back to what used to be his building to hook his suit up. He need a better power source and decides to use the Arc reactor tech. 

In Peter's life he asks Liz Allen to the dance. He's actually done it and life seems pretty good until he gets a crime alert. Vulture is attacking Stark's Tower. Now he must decide whether to stay or help Stark. He decides to stay believing Stark can take Vulture. He rips apart one of the suits taking out and arc reactor but Iron Man arrives. However not before Vulutre replaces his power core with the arc reactor. Iron Man and Vulture battle, and Vulture's power boost proves too much in combat. He slashes Starks arc reactor power down his suit and flies off. 

-Act 3/Finale-

The same night Peter kisses Liz and he goes home in the best mood but now Vulture is on the loose with a fully powered suit. Stark calls on Peter and wonders where he was. Peter is sorry, he thought Stark could handle it, but Vulture has a power boost, Peter needs to be careful and go stop Vulture. Now it really is his responsibility. 

Norman is mad at Otto, the robotic arms could have tore Vulture apart but Otto is a pacifist and doesn't believe in violence. Otto's twitch around Norman ready to attack him while his back is turned and Otto is shocked, the arms are having a mind of their own. But before anything drastic can happen Vulture breaks in and the arms fall back under Otto's control luckily. Vulture knocks Otto aside into a power panel electricuting him seemingly to death.

He then tells Norman the same will happen if he doesn't surrender. Norman calls Vulture a loonatic and Vulture grabs Norman flying him out above the city and drops him. Spidey swings in and webs Norman up landing him safely on the ground. A spectacular final battle takes place where Peter is about to be beat but his will to prove he can be his own hero is strong. He begins tearing Vultures suit apart, tearing the wings off and ripping out the reactor and falls down tired after knocking Vulture out cold. The police arrive and Peter escapes, he's home in bed and it's already the next day. But his luck turns around and it's a weekend so he can sleep in. Aunt May asks how his night was and Peter smiles, saying it was exhausting. 

The End 


In the end credits Otto is lying in a bed in a secret room at Oscorp. The arms have melded to his body and mind. Otto asks why Norman didn't take him to the hospital. Norman replies that he didn't want the press to hear his employee was injured on the job. Otto get infuriated and realizes Norman only thinks about himself. He attacks the scientists, and decides to let Norman live, his time will come soon enough. Otto escapes and it is official the old him is dead. But he doesn't even know where to begin with the new Octavious. 

Marvel Casting News, Elektra and Aunt May!

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Tom Holland was casted as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man not to long ago. And Jon Berthanal as Frank Castle aka Punisher a bit before that. Now comes the female wave of casting! 

Take a good look fokes this is Elodie Yung and she is our new Elektra in Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix! Working alongside Charlie Cox(Daredevil) and Jon Berthanal( Punisher) on the set to bring us more action like we've never seen before! She's already pulled off the red clad female ninja type before in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Now we get to see her put that experience to the test as Elektra.

Straight from Variety Marisa Tomei has been cast as Marvels new Aunt May. The woman whom raised Peter Parker and often gives him advice in times of need. So, what do youthink of the casting? Is Marvel still on point or do you believe they're loosing their edge? Comment your thoughts below!

New Ghostbusters Melissa McCarthy In Costume

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Melissa McCarthy stands in a field surrounded by what appears to be pedestrians in her new Ghostbusters costume from the all female reboot coming 2016. What do you think? Are you excited for the reboot? 

Another Ghostbuster Film Coming?

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So rumors that another Ghostbusters film. In addition to the female Ghostbusters film...

(Article Here:

Tgis one will be a Male Lead Ghostbusters unlike the female one coming in 2016. I can only imagine their going the Avengers route and gonna have the Ghostcorps or something like that. I hope they don't a corny Girl vs Boys plot in(if these movies actually get made) the inevitable crossover, where they'll probably all hook up in the end. Then again who know's these two films just might(and this is the biggest might in the history of the universe)be better than the original. After all can't be any weirder than the 21Jump Street/Men in Black Crossover they were planning right?

Potential TV Justice Association? Come On DC!

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Above what you see is pure and complete epicness. Now DC you don't have to pay me or even give me credit, this one's for free. But here's an oppurtunity you can't pass up. TV's Justice Association! How will this work you ask? Well I'm about to explain.

Fan's have complained that Arrow is basically Batman without Bruce Wayne. An you know what? This could be beneficial. Arrow is usually a lone fighter but he has accumulated allies over the years. This includes the likes of The Flash. With Supergirl thrown into the mix if DC decides to connect the shows they could involve MUCH more powerful and dangerous villains. So dangerous and powerful that the likes of Arrow, Flash, The Atom, Roy Harper, and Vixen(with her upcoming animated series which is connected to the Arrow/Flashverse, they could without a doubt give her a live action debut). Along with Supergirl these six heroes can face likes of Lobo or even a rogue who got kryptonian powers, Bizarro anyone? Something none of the heroes could handle on their own.

This event would be at a minimum of an hour long and a maximimum of an hour and a half. Supergirl realizes the villain is to powerful within the first few minutes of the show. Perhaps the villain also has some minions helping to beat Supergirl. This event is possibly being broadcasted on the news as Supergirl is beat down. Who comes to her rescue? Arrow, Roy Harper and The Flash, but they are dealing with the minions. Vixen and Atom go and help Supergirl fight off the villain. At first despite a good fight, the villain is beating all 3 of these heroes until Arrow, Roy Harper and Flash join the group after finishing the minions. Together they beat the villain and become known as The Justice Association(save The League for movies) who will unite when there's a threat not even the Kryptonian Might of Supergirl, The Speed of Flash, or The Skill of Arrow can stop alone. 

Conflict between the heroes? Possibly if they wanna do Arrow v Supergirl, as a smaller scale Batman v Superman. But that's not really necessary comsidering there's a villain that forced six heroes to come together so they have to set aside there differences to help Supergirl and save the city. 

Some of you are possibly thinking. But what about a seventh member? I thought of Black Canary, but then I realized The Seven should be for the Films. The Six should be for TV. DC if there was any chance you read this, use this idea! Marvel has already assmbled Avengers, Guardians and soon Inhumans as well as The Defenders on Netflix. This is your chance to lay down a triumph card! Don't waste it.

Let's get #DCTVJusticeAssociation going!

Melissa Benoist Supergirl| First Images

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Nice to see they didnlt stray to far from the comics. Looks very Man of Steel esque. I like it what do you guys think?

Spider-Man Already Casted? And Titled? And Director Found?!| Take with a Grain of Salt

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Apparently our new Spider-Man was found in "Teen Wolf TV Series" and "Maze Runner Movie Series" actor "Dylan O'Brien". Also this picture above will come into play soon. 

That picture is Dylan O'Brien himself. We know he certainly looks the part of Peter Parker. But can he pull off the sophisticated swagger of Spider-Man? Well if he gave a good enough audition to out do runners like Logan Lerman and Josh Hutcherson. He might be the best Spidey yet! 

BUT! Wait a minute this was all leaked by(dundunDUN) A REDDIT USER! And we all know Reddit. However this leaker has been right about things in the past. Like the Sony/Marvel Deal. But does that mean we can trust him? I remain cautiously optimistic. With the Robert Downey Jr's "Big Announcement" coming up soon. Dylan's casting just may be the "Big News". But don't get too hype.

In other news Drew Goddard, Writer of movies like Cloverfield, Cabin in the Woods and World War Z. Is rumored to both write and direct the upcoming film which will be titled, likely out of sheer nostalgia, "The Spectacular Spider-Man"! 

If any of this news holds a drop of truth this movie sounds like it's coming together nicely.

Supergirl TV Series| Costume and Possible Superman Appearance

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That's right folks the big blue girlscout is getting her own show incase you didn't know by now. A lot of things are crossing peoples minds. Namely will this series be any good? Well so far I haven't heard anything to make me think otherwise. So far we've heard news from the woman who was casted as the kryptonian heroin herself Melissa Bennoist. She stated and I quote;

"It's a little daunting." 

The suit, is intimidating apparently. Which may be a good sign for fans who don't want to see a revealing sexualized costume. Female Superheroes can be just as intimidating as male heroes. Speaking of male heroes there is a casting call going out for Superman apparently. Suggesting he will appear in the series if my sources are correct. Are you excited about this series? What do you hope to see in it? Do you agree with the Supergirl casting? Comment your thoughts and have a nice day. 

Videos I Plan on Doing and More!

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-Kingsman: Secret Service Review, I saw the film a while back but never had a chance to do a review I will get to it as soon as possible.

-DC Mega Podcast, I realize I have had a lack of DC videos so at some point I will make a Mega Podcast pertaining to thoughts on news and future films.

-Earnest Trailer: Jurassic World, another Earnest Trailer because the first one actually got views.

-Rebirth of the Kqiju Genre, videos for Kong: Skull Island, Legendaries Godzilla Series, and possible Kaiju I want to see adapted rebooted and even crossover with Godzilla or other giant monsters coming. 

New Series

-Unexperienced Game Reviews, since I do not posses the money to buy all the games coming out I will watch gameplay videos on them and then tell my thoughts on the game. Some of you may say "I have to experience the game myself to know how it is" but that's why I call it unexperienced. 


-E3 and Comic Con Recaps, I will tell details from news at Comic Con and E3 and possibly even other conventions before that.

If your new to the page make sure to check out the official Youtube Channel where most of my videos are up. Here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

Why There's No Way Batman v SuperMan Can Fail

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If you go around the internet you'll see alot of people saying this movie will be bad and suck and be over crowded and bomb. But the truth is, there is no way this can fail.

One of reasons being that Batman a hero who has been a goldmine for DC ever since his creation and Superman, another big name in comics just as noticeable as Batman, are appearing in the same film. Not only that but their fighting!

The second reason being they are being played by well known renowned actors. Which should draw alot of attention.

Third reason being it's Wonder Womans first official big screen appearance. Not to mentions she's being played by the very talented and well known actor Gal Gadot. This also means she will be appearing alongside Henry Cavil's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman. 

These three huge DC properties appearing together will go down in history not just cinematic history, history in media history in general, and draw in half the damn planet or atleast a sizable amount of it. I guarantee you the theaters will be packed, tickets sold out on release date. The trailer alone will probably break YouTube. It will likely be the highest grossing film of 2016 to tell the truth and get high review scores. Just because of the fact that Superman and Batman are co-starring in a live action movie together. 

But this is all only an opinion. What do you think?