Spider-Man Already Casted? And Titled? And Director Found?!| Take with a Grain of Salt

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Apparently our new Spider-Man was found in "Teen Wolf TV Series" and "Maze Runner Movie Series" actor "Dylan O'Brien". Also this picture above will come into play soon. 

That picture is Dylan O'Brien himself. We know he certainly looks the part of Peter Parker. But can he pull off the sophisticated swagger of Spider-Man? Well if he gave a good enough audition to out do runners like Logan Lerman and Josh Hutcherson. He might be the best Spidey yet! 

BUT! Wait a minute this was all leaked by(dundunDUN) A REDDIT USER! And we all know Reddit. However this leaker has been right about things in the past. Like the Sony/Marvel Deal. But does that mean we can trust him? I remain cautiously optimistic. With the Robert Downey Jr's "Big Announcement" coming up soon. Dylan's casting just may be the "Big News". But don't get too hype.

In other news Drew Goddard, Writer of movies like Cloverfield, Cabin in the Woods and World War Z. Is rumored to both write and direct the upcoming film which will be titled, likely out of sheer nostalgia, "The Spectacular Spider-Man"! 

If any of this news holds a drop of truth this movie sounds like it's coming together nicely.

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