Potential TV Justice Association? Come On DC!

Posted on March 6, 2015 at 9:15 PM

Above what you see is pure and complete epicness. Now DC you don't have to pay me or even give me credit, this one's for free. But here's an oppurtunity you can't pass up. TV's Justice Association! How will this work you ask? Well I'm about to explain.

Fan's have complained that Arrow is basically Batman without Bruce Wayne. An you know what? This could be beneficial. Arrow is usually a lone fighter but he has accumulated allies over the years. This includes the likes of The Flash. With Supergirl thrown into the mix if DC decides to connect the shows they could involve MUCH more powerful and dangerous villains. So dangerous and powerful that the likes of Arrow, Flash, The Atom, Roy Harper, and Vixen(with her upcoming animated series which is connected to the Arrow/Flashverse, they could without a doubt give her a live action debut). Along with Supergirl these six heroes can face likes of Lobo or even a rogue who got kryptonian powers, Bizarro anyone? Something none of the heroes could handle on their own.

This event would be at a minimum of an hour long and a maximimum of an hour and a half. Supergirl realizes the villain is to powerful within the first few minutes of the show. Perhaps the villain also has some minions helping to beat Supergirl. This event is possibly being broadcasted on the news as Supergirl is beat down. Who comes to her rescue? Arrow, Roy Harper and The Flash, but they are dealing with the minions. Vixen and Atom go and help Supergirl fight off the villain. At first despite a good fight, the villain is beating all 3 of these heroes until Arrow, Roy Harper and Flash join the group after finishing the minions. Together they beat the villain and become known as The Justice Association(save The League for movies) who will unite when there's a threat not even the Kryptonian Might of Supergirl, The Speed of Flash, or The Skill of Arrow can stop alone. 

Conflict between the heroes? Possibly if they wanna do Arrow v Supergirl, as a smaller scale Batman v Superman. But that's not really necessary comsidering there's a villain that forced six heroes to come together so they have to set aside there differences to help Supergirl and save the city. 

Some of you are possibly thinking. But what about a seventh member? I thought of Black Canary, but then I realized The Seven should be for the Films. The Six should be for TV. DC if there was any chance you read this, use this idea! Marvel has already assmbled Avengers, Guardians and soon Inhumans as well as The Defenders on Netflix. This is your chance to lay down a triumph card! Don't waste it.

Let's get #DCTVJusticeAssociation going!

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